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distortion // n [C, U] (instance of) distorting or being distorted: a distortion of the facts.
» distort // v [Tn] 1 pull or twist (sth) out of its shape: a heap of distorted metal * a face distorted by pain. 2 make (sth) look or sound unnatural: a distorting mirror, ie one which people look long and thin, short and fat, etc. * The announcement was so distorted that I could'nt understand what wa said. 3 give false announce of (sth); misrepresent: distort sb's words, motives, point of view, etc * The Government were accused of having systematically distorted the protester's case.


Planetarion System 105:7
My first picture created with ::GIMP::.
This one was for my system in the online game ::Planetarion::.

CD Cover
The 2nd pic, made as cover for a CD compilation as present for my dear friends in Japan.

CD Inlay
The CD inlay, dedicated to Yuhki.

CD Backside
You guessed it - the backside of the CD.
The Bluebeat series has been inspired by ::h0ax.org::,famous for the ::blueHeart themes::.

Enlightenment Wallpaper
I got bored waiting for the new ::Enlightenment::, so I decided to create a wallpaper for it. Then I got bored creating the picture and this is what it looks like at the moment.
To be continued...

the sun is shining
it could be a wonderful day
the children play outside
while the birds sing in the sky

a warm breeze moves the grass
and small feet squeeze it
and while a butterfly passes
you hear the children laugh

it's waiting in the dark

a tiny metal bar
peeps out of the ground
dew reflects the sunrays
see me
see me
oh please see me

it's waiting in the dark

a stone is pushed back in the earth
while a small sole pushes the metal bar

a tiny flash
disappears into the ground
a soft click
and with a hollow sound
slowly it ejects - irrevocable
with a swirling movement like a butterfly
it's slowly rising high
it passes the knees
it passes the hands
it passes the chest
until it reached it's height
another click
and a fireball appears out of a shockwave
- the eardrums break
like deadly insects
a swarm of glowing spikes
bursts out of the red center
while flying razorblades
peel the last laugh of the face
- smeared with blood
a firestorm burns down pieces of flesh
on the red colored grass

stop searching
hell is already here
yes we made it happen
worse than any beast of prey

mine - beast of prey -

Bluebeat Wallpaper
Since I liked the Bluebeat pictures, I decided to create Wallpaper versions of them. All Wallpapers are 1024x768.

Bluedesk Wallpaper
A modified version.

Poem Wallpaper
For Yuhki ...

Angel Wallpaper
... my love.

Small Banner
This is a banner of my page. Feel free to use it, if you like. The measurements are 200x40.

Animated Banner
Another banner, this time animated.


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